Why Cedar?

Dix Titletown Lumber carries only Western Red Cedar from the top suppliers in British Columbia. We go to such lengths because Western Red Cedar’s lifespan of 20-25 years is about twice as long as most white cedar varieties, creating an even better value for property owners.

Superior Performance

Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that preserve the wood and make it less likely to crack or warp than treated lumber alternatives. And that distinctive cedar smell? That comes from those natural oils, too.

Lightweight Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture because it does not absorb as much heat as lighter woods. Your furniture will stay cooler even on hot days.

A Safer Building Material

Western Red Cedar is a non-toxic alternative to chemically treated wood products. Its naturally occurring oils serve as a preservative, avoiding the need for warning labels required on treated wood featuring dangerous chemical preservatives.

These oils make Western Red Cedar naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, giving it longer life with less maintenance.