Cedar Lumber Cuts

Dix Titletown Lumber is a leading supplier of Western Red Cedar in northeast Wisconsin. Western Red Cedar is a preferred species because it is lightweight, low-maintenance and resistant to insect attacks, rot and decay. Naturally occurring oils in Western Red Cedar act as a preservative and serve as a non-toxic alternative to chemically treated wood products.

Dix supplies multiple grades and cuts of Western Red Cedar:

  • Rough – is a textured finish available in almost all Cedar Products
  • S4S – is lumber having been sanded on all four sides.
  • B4S–  is a lumber having a band sawn finish (similar to rough)
  • Clear – This premium-grade lumber is free of knots and other imperfections
  • Select- This is still a very high grade lumber but does allow for some knots within grading guide lines.
  • Clear Grades Clear Vertical Grain Heart (CVG)The highest grade available. Many pieces completely clear, others have minor imperfections that do not detract from their fine appearance. Pieces have excellent dimensional stability and hold all types of finishes exceptionally well.
  • Aye & Better (A&BTR) Permits more imperfections than Clear Heart. Grade is still restricted to pieces with excellent appearance. Pieces are of mixed grain (vertical and flat).
  • C and Better Clear (C&BTR) High quality lumber for use where appearance is important.
  • D and Better Clear (D&BTR) This grade permits larger and more numerous natural characteristics. Rustic This siding grade is recommended when the distinctive charm of a saw textured face is desired. Grade allows limited characteristics that do not detract from serviceability.
  • B Clear (BEE) This siding grade permits slightly more numerous and larger growth characteristics. It is nevertheless highly serviceable and often yields short lengths of fine appearance from longer stock.
  • Knotty Grades Select Knotty (SK) Knots and other natural features define the visual character of knotty grades. Select knotty grade knots are sound and tight.
  • Quality Knotty (QK) Natural growth characteristics are not limited as stringently as in Select Knotty. Proprietary Graded to the manufacturer’s specification to meet the intended use.
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